Road block one. Road block two. Check and check!

Posted: October 27, 2010 in General Blogging
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 My husband and I wanted children really bad.  Out of the blue, circumstances kind of fell all into place.  We knew that we needed to rely on medical technology to help us accomplish this.  We were out of time and the old-fashioned way of getting pregnant  was obviously not working.  Coincidently, there were a number of factors that had occurred which made having a baby more of a reality rather than a wish. 

We knew we had to do in vitro fertilization, which was very expensive at the time.  Coincidently, my husband had just accomplished getting our income into an upward swing.  One road block had been removed.  We knew we could afford the procedure.  I should say we knew we could afford to have the procedure at least one time.

We had also just moved to a small town and my husband had developed a friendship with a gentleman whose daughter had just done IVF and ended up having twins.   This gentleman referred us to his daughter’s specialist in a nearby city.   

Road block two had just been removed.  We now had a specialist identified to do the IVF.

More to come later. . .


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