An Abomination: Tourette Syndrome as a Defense for Murder

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Tourette Syndrome
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I need to take a moment to vent about Jennifer Mee, also known as the Hiccup Girl.  Her attorney is claiming she has Tourette Syndrome and is using this condition as a defense against first degree murder.  The  police said she lured a 22-year-old man to a meeting where he was robbed and shot.  If  you haven’t read about this, check out this article from ABC News:  Here is also a link to a statement made by the Tourette Syndrome Association regarding this issue: 

Tourette Syndrome is constantly sensationalized by the media, talk shows and entertainment shows.  Go to Twitter some time and do a search on the word Tourette.  Ignorant, inconsiderate people are continuously making fun of the condition.  I think this trend needs to stop.  The general public needs to raise their awareness of this devastating disorder.  A great site with information about Tourette Syndrome is the Tourette Syndrome Association web site at

And finally,  please don’t let Jennifer Mee be a representation of people with Tourette Syndrome.

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