How will you Stop Diabetes®? The future is in your hands.

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Diabetes
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Diabetes is one serious disease. Millions of Americans and their families are affected by diabetes every day. We can’t just sit around and let this disease take over our lives. We need to stand up to Stop Diabetes®.

Please join me during American Diabetes Month® this November and get involved in the Stop Diabetes movement. With nearly 24 million Americans who have diabetes and another 57 million at high risk for developing type 2 diabetes, there has never been a more important time to become involved.

There are plenty of other ways to become involved in the Stop Diabetes movement. But whatever you do, please get involved. Our goal is to reach 1 million people by the end of the year. Come on, let’s kick this disease to the curb!

Thanks for your help.

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Bret Michaels

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