From transference to embryos of life . . .

Posted: November 4, 2010 in General Blogging
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If you have been following my previous posts, I am continuing with a description of how J.O., my son, came into my life.  Read my previous posts to review the story from the beginning.

At this point we are at the first pinnacle of the IVF process, which was the fertilization stage.   Fertilization in the IVF process can be done in a number of ways, but in our case the lab technician put viable sperm into the lab dish containing the viable eggs.  The resulting embryos are allowed to grow and divide in the laboratory for about two days, which is sometimes referred to as incubation. 

Then we hit another mile stone in the IVF process, which is the transfer of the embryos from the lab dish to the uterus.  The number transferred depends on the age of the woman, the quality of the embryos, and the success rates of the clinic. More embryos can mean a better probability of success.  On the other hand, multiple embryos transferred also increases the risk of having a multiple pregnancy. Any then multiple pregnancy comes with increased risk of miscarriages, premature labor and premature birth.  It is also true that if there is more than one baby high blood pressure and gestational diabetes are more common.

In our case the specialist transferred four embryos into my uterus. It was not our decision.  The specialist made the decision.  He explained that we wanted to choose the healthiest embryos which were the four that were implanted.  It was at that moment that the thought of having multiple babies became very real to me.  I wanted a baby.  I knew that IVF could result in multiple babies, but the reality of that did not really hit me until I was pregnant with the four embryos.  I now realized I could have “babies.”

More to come later . . .


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