Why the Get Seizure Smart campaign is important

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Epilepsy

I’m excited to tell you that November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month and during the month, our goal is to reach one million Americans and encourage them to Get Seizure Smart!

The story I am going to tell you will help you understand why our Get Seizure Smart campaign is vitally important to the nearly 3 million Americans living with epilepsy. . .and why we need your support.

When Eric was 7 years old, his teachers locked him in an empty classroom by himself for hours. He never told his mother about it because he thought he had done something wrong.

But Eric hadn’t done anything wrong. Eric’s only “crime” was being a little boy with epilepsy. Eric’s teacher was not seizure smart.

When I hear stories like this, it frustrates me and I know we must do more to increase epilepsy awareness for kids like Eric and for all the others whose lives are affected by epilepsy.

*Information in this post is provided by the Epilepsy Foundation of America


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