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Posted: November 11, 2010 in Epilepsy
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 Dear ETP Facebook Fans and Future Fans —

The Epilepsy Therapy Project (ETP) is steadfast in our mission to raise epilepsy awareness and the urgent need for new therapies that will provide freedom from seizures and side-effects. This November we are excited to announce an extraordinary opportunity and some fun events to help increase Epilepsy Awareness and raise support for our mission.

The Facebook Challenge: Seize the Day with ETP! 50k in 50 Days!

Beginning today, and through December 31st, a dynamic ETP supporter will donate $1.00, (up to $50,000) for every person who becomes our “fan” on Facebook! If you haven’t seen ETP’s new Facebook page, now is the perfect time for you and your friends and family members to check it out and “Like” us!

Imagine with just a “click” we have the chance to increase epilepsy awareness to 50,000 people and a chance to raise up to $50,000 towards our mission to accelerate the development of new therapies. And the excitement doesn’t end there.

Contests and Giveaways

Each week our new Facebook fan page will feature a different theme, and each day will have a new blog post, video, or contests and giveaways.

  • T-shirt Giveaway – Daily Giveaway!
  • ETP Writing Contest – Deadline 19th November
  • ETP Art Contest – Deadline 3rd December
  • ETP Idol Jingle Contest – Deadline 17th December
  • ETP Video Awareness Contest – Deadline 31st December

Prizes will be given to contest Winners and Finalists and will be announced on Facebook and Twitter between November 30th and January 15th. They will also be featured in the January monthly e-newsletter, so please follow the guidelines and remember to send a picture and bio.

Go here for contest details, submission guidelines and the list of prizes

There’s much more to come, so stay tuned!

“In epilepsy, 40 years ago, 30-40% of patients had no therapy that would control their seizures. Today, 30-40% have no therapy that will control their seizures.” You may recall reading these words in our recent letter, as quoted from our Chairman and Co-Founder, Warren Lammert. Truly, “The importance of Epilepsy Awareness Month cannot be overstated.”

May we have your help? Together we can increase awareness, accelerate new therapies and make a difference for the millions of people with epilepsy.

Please visit ETP on Facebook, and “Like” us here!

We thank you greatly dear fans!

Most Sincerely,

Kim Macher
Executive Director

About the Epilepsy Therapy Project

Epilepsy Therapy Project, sponsor of epilepsy.com, is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization founded by parents and doctors caring for children with uncontrolled seizures by supporting the development of new therapies that offer freedom from seizures and side effects. Read more about the Epilepsy Therapy Project and how your donations can help support our mission to accelerate ideas into therapies for people living with epilepsy and seizures.


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