First Snow

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Mind Flurries
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This is my time of year.
The outdoor scene makes me cheer.
I love the snow.
And outside I will go.
White, wet fluffy flakes.
A different world it always makes.
Completely covering the outside ground.
No other season can be better found.
All the trees blanketed in white.
To me it is such a beautiful sight.
No more green, no more brown.
The snow will never make me frown.
Everything white. 
All is bright.
Each snowflake I hold dear.
The white and chill I endear.
Soon the foot prints will appear
It’s this type of snow I do not fear.
Everyone leaves a trail.
My love for snow will never fail.
I love first snow.
It is this I know.



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