Unexpected friends that I have never met . . .

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Indulgent Commentary
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As some of you may know, I love using Twitter to read about news, to review the latest in medical research and to connect with people who have similar situations as my own.  I also have similar connections on Facebook.  Over the last year I have shared many details of my life with those who care to listen.  In fact, I have shared some things to these unexpected friends that I have not shared with anybody.  I call them unexpected friends because prior to this I did not really believe in friendship.  There have been too many disappointments with people.  I had grown tired of giving my heart and then having it broken.  Some individuals that know me outside of the world of  the web know that I did not use the word “friend” and instead used the word acquaintance.  So I did not expect that I would get to know a group of people as a result of reading their tweets.  And I suspect they have slowly learned to understand me. 

It surprises me because I have several topics that I am enthusiastic about.  During the riots in Iran, I was a supporter of those speaking out against the government of Iran.  I got to know people who I will never meet.  I understood their fight.  I understood their sorrow.  If you followed me on Twitter you also know that I feel sorrow for those who are less fortunate, which could be children who are starving, or people who have survived a catastrophic earth quake, or the individuals abused by the savageness of their countries.  I believe in freedom, and speak out about injustice.  Via my tweet you may know that I am very interested about some specific health issues.  The top of that list includes, epilepsy, tourette syndrome and recently diabetes.  Relating to those health issues I also have interest in education, learning disabilities, and special education.

As a results of these tweets I have gotten to know some of the people who follow me.  And it is more than a casual acquaintance.  We have become a community.  There is support when you want it.  I have actually grown to care about these people.  They take the time to share a brief moment of their life with me, and I have taken the time to share my life with them.

One of those unexpected friends wrote in her blog about this type of experience that she has had.  She also was kind enough in a tweet to compliment me about my role in her life, which was unexpected.  She is a dear person.  Take a moment and read the post to her blog, Comfort in the Midst of Chaos. It really describes my experience with Twitter and the unexpected friends I have made there.  Thank you @Snappin_Minn. Your words are too kind.


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