November 19th is Miracle Time For Us . . .

Posted: November 19, 2010 in General Blogging
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If you have been following my previous posts, I am continuing with a description of how J.O., my son, came into my life, this is the end of this story.  Read my previous posts to review the story from the beginning.

So another 35  weeks followed. Being pregnant was delightful.  I didn’t really have any of the negative things that can come along with pregnancy and it was pretty much perfect. 

During this time I did address some of the things that I needed to take care of.  I met with the owner of the company I was working for and told her the good news.  I then provided her with my resignation.  I told her I really don’t want to travel.  I had worked too hard in making this baby, and I was not going to take any chances that may jeopardize it.  She understood.  Unexpectedly she said I should stay with the company through the pregnancy and she would assign work to me that could be done from home.  What a wonderful offer.  She was very kind to do this, and of course I took up the offer.

My pregnancy was unremarkable.  We had decided that my sister would be with me during the labor, along with my husband.  We did this, not only because I love my sister, but my husband was running a company and in the middle of my pregnancy  had to go on a trip overseas.  Luckily, he got back home about 2 or 3 weeks before I went into labor.  I spent my time doing all of the typical baby preparation stuff , like decorating the room, reading a lot of books, and having a baby shower.  My co-workers threw the baby shower, but it was not a typical baby shower because they work all over the U.S.  The gifts came via the mail. My sister and mother were with me, and then everyone else joined via teleconference.  In those days we didn’t have Skype or web cams.

Finally one morning in November, I woke up early and it appeared that my water had broken.  I felt fine, no labor pains.  That day I was supposed to be in a teleconference meeting for my job.  I decided I would get through the meeting and then we could go to the hospital.  My co-workers thought it was funny that my labor was starting and I was still participating in the meeting. 

In the afternoon we went to the hospital.  That evening I didn’t get much sleep because I was occasionally having labor pains.  My sister showed up at the hospital at 6:00 in the morning.  My obstetrician came in the morning and started the process of inducing the labor.  It wasn’t long before the labor pains began and soon after they gave me an epidural.  Unfortunately the epidural did not work. At some point while this was goring on I told my sister to tell my husband to go away because I wanted to remain strong and I thought that if he came I would become weak.  She ignored me.  Crazy things can be said when you are in pain.  Later they gave me another epidural, which worked.  The only reason they did this is because there was a shift change with the nurses and the head nurse told the anesthesiologist to give me what I paid for. [Bless that nurse.]  At this point everything was doing what it was supposed except  the baby was a floater and wasn’t crowning.  Finally after almost 18 hours of intense labor, another 8 of less intense labor, and a total of 36 hours since the water had broken, the doctor decided we needed to do a C-section.  Within 30 minutes my son was born.  We cried.  We smiled.

My husband and I gave him his first name, and his fraternal grandmother gave him his middle name, which meant “his father gave him an eagle.”   The funny thing is the day we took the baby home was unusually warm, and as we drove along the river on the way home, three bald eagles were flying along the river.  It was almost as if they knew.

November 19th became a day of miracles for me, my husband and our baby boy. 

As you read this my son is turning 12 years old.  And what an interesting 12 years it has been, but I will save those stories for later.


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