Change in career, another move, and starting something new . . .

Posted: December 20, 2010 in General Blogging
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 If you have been following my blog, I am telling a story about myself and my marriage to my husband, the father of  my son J.O.  If you want to start from the beginning please read my post called Another story begins . . . ,  or to learn a little bit more about my son, read:   And then it begins .

January came and I was going on a business trip to the home office of the consulting company.  While I was there I had a long discussion with the owner of the company and finally told her I was resigning.  I explained to her about the opportunity we had, for both doing IVF and for my husband’s new business.  She then convinced me to stay on with her company and do some projects that could be done remotely.  We could talk about resigning after the circumstances had progressed a little bit more.

Then I had to tell the company in Ohio that I was resigning from consulting and that I would work with them until the end of January.  They were sad to see me go, and said they would keep in touch.

The end of January came, which meant another move.  Goodbye Ohio, and hello Wisconsin.

We found an apartment which was closely located near my husband’s business.  The business was moving very fast at this point.  I was a partial owner of the company, and I handled the U.S. operations.  We were discussing a business loan with a bank, who was pretty uncertain about joining this endeavor.  They even brought in an “expert” to evaluate the viability of the business.  This expert gave the bank the advice to be cautious because it was a risky business.  We really needed the business loan, so I decided to punt.  I called the bank manager and thanked him for the consideration, but we were going to take our business to another bank who had more expertise in this type of business.  I explained that we needed to move forward and I didn’t have the time to delay the opening of the operations.  I thanked him again and hung up the phone.

Now did I have another bank that I was working with.  No.  This bank was a small bank in a small town, and I knew we had a better chance working with a small bank rather than a large bank.  I also knew that if this bank walked away, that I didn’t have a Plan B.  Within an hour or two I got a phone call from the bank manager.  He asked if we would consider working with them again, and he requested that we have a meeting at the bank. 

Once I hung up the phone, I was really excited.  We were one more step away from getting this business going. I was really nervous about going to this bank meeting. When we walked in it was not just the bank manager who was present. The room had one of the representatives from the chamber of commerce, two gentlemen from the bank’s home office and a representative from the city council. I was al little bit caught off guard.

We started with introductions and then the bank manager asked me to describe the business, our expertise, and the projected financials.  As we were talking, I could tell by the questions they asked that the approval for the loan had not been concluded. Their questions were somewhat cynical. So I knew I had to turn this around. With confidence I pushed through the presentation. Slowly I could tell I was convincing the attendees one by one. By the end of the meeting they were shaking my hand and scheduling the date we can complete the paperwork.

to be continued . . .

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