The Little One

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Mind Flurries
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With yearning in his eyes
The little one looked up to his dad
He longed for no more good byes
To him the distance makes him sad

With head slightly at a slant
The father looks down
Not wanting to say he can’t
And seeing the heaviness of the frown

His son was feeling pain
His youth could not see the tomorrow
Strong and driven as a father he must remain
If only his strength was for the son to borrow

He knew that soon the tears would appear
And the ache would swell in his heart
He said to the son, there is nothing to fear
It will not be long for us to be apart

To the future we must look
The work today will lead to good
One day you will remember what it took
With pride you will remember what you withstood.

With concern in his eyes
The man looked down at the son he had
Knowing that remaining strong is what is wise
In the end the little one will see the prize


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