Window panes . . .

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Mind Flurries
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A window pane divides that which is within from that which is without

The duty it serves is accomplished throughout

Cold, smooth, such a sleek impediment

A barrier to each side and between there be no sediment 

As separate worlds has been my achievement

With assurance  the divide has been my agreement

How could that which is transparent and fragile

Keep apart the worlds for me to be agile

Chosen by me, the inside world remains constricted

From the outside that which is not afflicted

A day has come and before my eyes the pane does shatter

The shards of glass within and without do scatter

Worlds together not meant to be

The divide is what did keep me free

Spilling that which was inside

Without consent I no longer can hide

Fear  in my head does arise

And out of control before my eyes

Two worlds not meant to be together

Till now a surety that  they would not untether

The fear of that which is known

It is now the time for me to atone




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