A&E show featuring illnesses such as Tourette Syndrome or Non-Epileptic Seizures

Posted: April 8, 2011 in General Blogging, Non-epileptic Seizures, Tourette Syndrome
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From @CastingRane

We are teaming up with Paul McKenna to do a new show called the Fixer. See the flyer for the show below.  The show should be a really great opportunity and we really want to help people.


 From Executive Producer Ryan Seacrest and World-Renowned Self-Help Expert Paul McKenna comes a new documentary-style televisions series that will help you work through your disorder. This is an exciting, innovative new show that can give you the hope of changing your life forever!

WE ARE CURRENTLY CASTING INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE SUFFERING FROM PHYSICAL OR MENTAL DISORDERS THAT AFFECT THEIR DAILY LIVES.  We’re casting even the most severe cases where the disorder has devastated the individual or the family.

 SOME POSSIBLE DISORDERS WE ARE LOOKING FOR INCLUDE (but are not limited to):  Motor Tics, Vocal Tics,  Tourette Syndrome, Pseudo-Seizures, Pseudo-Paralysis, PTSD, Pro Athlete Psych-out, Stuttering.

 If this sounds like you or someone you know, email the following info to gladysjuliettecasting@gmail.com (for priority please write your disorder in the subject line):  Name, Age, Phone Number, Email Address, Your current city, state, Recent photos.

 In addition include what you’re ailment is and why you need Paul McKenna’s help. Please be as descriptive and detailed as possible.  Please include how your life would change if you were not suffering with this ailment!

 We appreciate your time and look forward to meeting some amazing individuals! No problem is too small or too big so please don’t hesitate to reach out. We want to help you!

Rane Laymance
Casting Associate
o:323.934.2384 ex. 223

Gladys Fattorini
Casting Producer
Ryan Seacrest Productions
o:323.934.2384 ex. 203
c: 323.640.2204

  1. WI Snowflake says:

    By the way Monica, I have contacted TSA so I can get a link to their statement. Thanks for making me aware of this. I really want to get this link soon, so if you have it handy send it my way.

  2. WI Snowflake says:

    Don’t get your panties in a wad! I have seen no mention of TSA condemning this show. I follow these organizations on Facebook and Twitter. I have seen no remarks about the organizations supporting TS. If I had, I WOULD NOT HAVE REFERENCED THIS SHOW! I find it odd that you include a link to a blog site making comment about this show and implying it is from TSA. I even googled for the information and could not find it. All I could find is the link above. Why don’t you give me the link from TSA? I would be more than happy to put this information on my blog. You will not find a more loyal advocate for TS. My son has TS. On a daily basis I work toward spreading awareness about TS. I said daily! I am desperately trying to raise awareness, because I know that it is only with awareness that we will get funding for research. So cool down. You really don’t know who you are digusted by. Send me that link and I will join you in that camp. I will fully publicize the fact that TSA condemns the show.

    By the way, I am aware of Dr. David Tolin and saw his reality show. I am not so sure he is the best reference either. Don’t you think his reality show was a form of exploitation? Or did he do that show for free?

    By the way, when I talked to this group on the phone they asked me how old my son was. They then said that he is not an adult and they wanted only to work with adults. Now, if this group was into exploiting the situation, I was ripe for being the victim. But they had enough conscience to say no.

    I look forward to more information from you.

    By the way I looked about your blog. Sounds like you have a lot of issues to deal with.

  3. Are you aware that the TSA has condemned this show and is recommending people NOT participate?


    Personally I agree with the TSA and find it disgusting you would exploit people in this way. Get a real licensed mental health professional with an expertise in Tourette’s to treat these people. I am sure someone like Dr. David Tolin could refer you to someone with such expertise. This is sad, very sad.