To be “somebody” . . .

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Mind Flurries
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As a small child I always dreamed of being “somebody,” but at that time it was just a mere dream.  Now I realize that being “somebody” can become a reality in one’s life if one is determined and disciplined.  This determination is very strong with me and through the years I have developed a discipline which is necessary for achieving this childhood dream.  I decided that if I want to truly be “somebody,” then I must first improve myself so that I may be worthy of the honor.

The key to my plan of action for self-improvement is awareness.  I believe that awareness of the world, of other people, and especially of myself with make me a better person.  With awareness comes growth, and with growth comes the understanding.  Understanding the ways of the world, its people and myself will then truly make me “somebody.”

For some time now I have been making a conscious effort to look at the world I live in.    Since then, I have seen the babes of spring,  and have touched the sharpness of winter.  I have also heard the warm days of summer and have tasted the ripened fruits of the fall.  Seeing which way the wind blows and how the grasses grow has told me about life.  With this knowledge, I feel that I have become a better person because I know that I have grown . . . grown in awareness . . . grown in understanding.

In the past few years I have also taken the time to learn about the people of the world.  By observation and conversation I have learned that the people are very much alike and at the same time are very different.  Whether you are an American, or a Nigerian, or of any other nationality, you still basically are an emotional human being who is trying to happily survive in this world.  Yet despite this mutual existence, each of us is very different from one another, because of our individualism.  Different experiences, teachings and emotions have formed us into individuals.  The realization of the equality and the inequality of the people of the world has once again taught me much about life.  Hopefully this new understanding of the people around me will make me a better person for myself and also for the world I live in.

Final phase of self-improvement involves awareness of myself.  I now see that the more that I learn about myself the more I like myself.  And the more I like myself, the easier it is for me to deal with this world.  Through this inner search I have found what makes me happy and what makes me sad.  I have learned why the tears fall and why the frown turns into a smile.  From these things I now know what I want out of life and how I would like to be in that life. 

As I’ve tried to explain, I have observed nature and learned about people from many cultures, including a few individuals in my own back yard.  More importantly, I have met myself.  All of these things have come to me through disciplined awareness, my key to self-improvement.  What makes this realization so exciting is that it is an endless task to perform, because there are countless things and people in the world to see and to understand.  For now, due to this awareness, and this self-awareness, I can truly declare that I know who I am.  And believe me, that’s truly “somebody.”


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