Top Ten Ways to Observe Diabetes Month

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Diabetes
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November is Diabetes Month

Top Ten Ways to Observe Diabetes Month

November is American Diabetes Month, and it’s never been easier to take part in spreading diabetes awareness and education. Following are ten simple ways to shine a spotlight on diabetes this month.

1) Declare. Share. Move Forward.  Confession is good for the soul. Take the opportunity to declare your diabetes transgressions, share with others, and then move forward towards better diabetes control. Start your declaration here.

2) Big Blue Test.  Take part in the Big Blue Test. Test your blood sugar, exercise, test again, and share the results. You’ll help yourself and help others; a donation of life saving diabetes supplies is made when you enter your results. Do the Big Blue Test here.

3) Blue Fridays. Put on your blue jeans, blue suede shoes, and any other blue duds each Friday and let others know you are dressing for diabetes awareness. Find out how others are participating.

4) Diabetes Postcard Exchange.  Let your artistic side shine through and take part in the World Diabetes Day postcard exchange. Art therapist and dLife Community Moderator Lee Ann Thill has details.

5) Organize a Flash Mob. If you visit YouTube or watch TV, you’ve probably seen flash mobs of people spontaneously gathering to dance, sing, or even pillow fight. Organize your own flash mob to recognize diabetes awareness (group blood sugar testing, anyone?). The International Diabetes Foundation  (IDF) has more details

6) Get a Mani/Pedi. Now you can polish up your nails with the colors of diabetes awareness from Tips4Type1. When you purchase polish, a donation is made to the Diabetes Research Institute. Details here.

7) Be a Part of D-Blog Day. Even if you aren’t a blogger, you can participate. This year project leader Gina Capone is going old school and asking for scrapbook entries. Find out more

8) Take the Stop Diabetes Pledge. Visit the American Diabetes Association’s Facebook page to take the Stop Diabetes Pledge.

9) Light up a Building.  Ask your community leaders to light up a local landmark in blue on World Diabetes Day. Then register your building with the IDF’s “Monument Challenge.”

10)  Start your own Tradition.  The sky is the limit. Come up with your own unique way to observe diabetes month, and then share with us!  If it catches on, we may list it here next year.


Information provided by dLife


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