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I am Cindy Nemitz who is a daughter, a mother and a wife.  I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. I went to college and got my B.S. in English, and my M.A. in English.  It is at college that I met my husband, who was an international student, and we have been together for thirty years.  We have one son who is in 6th grade this year.  I work full-time at a large company as a Lead Business Analyst in their technology department. I have been doing this type of work since 1985.


My son, my son, my son
Love reading and writing
National & International politics or news event discussions
Learning about different cultures
Human rights, especially children’s rights
Visiting my parents, and sister along with her family
 Winter and Snow
Reality TV shows
My WordPress blog
New technology and gadgets
Expanding my awareness
Looking at photos

I thought I should take a moment to provide the setting for this blog.  One of the intents of this blog is to provide pertinent information about some health topics, and sometimes provide an explanation or description of my relationship to those health topics.  The main health topics I am interested in are:  Epilepsy, Diabetes, Tourette Syndrome, Learning Disabilities (is not a health topic, but it is related), ADHD, OCD, Autism, and Sensory Integration Disorder.

The main reason these health topics interest me is that my son is affected by each one of them.  In addition, myself and my parents have diabetes.  Diabetes is now in the fourth generation of my family.  Twitter is typically my source for new information on those topics; you can look at my profile at  Twitter.  With Twitter, it is amazing how you can build a network of tweeters and how well they share information with each other.  They also serve as my support group.  Besides Twitter, I  periodically search the web, and of course read books and magazines.

In the month of November you will notice numerous posts providing information about Diabetes and Epilepsy because November is their recognized awareness month.  In addition in March you will be seeing information about Tourette Syndrome.  I am a big advocate of all of these awareness months and have committed to participate in the activities.  It is my belief that with awareness comes new discoveries, possibly even a cure.  So during those months be patient with me.  One heads up, this does not mean you won’t get an occasional post about these topics throughout the year, just not as numerous.

You may also find some commentary posts, usually about a recent, public event from the blogosphere, or twitosphere, or . . . I think you get the idea.  If you are not interested in topical commentary, you can skip those posts; their title is usually prefixed with “Indulgent Commentary.”  Some of my most recent posts for this category covered the topics:  Sulemon (Octomom), the Hiccup Girl who is considering using Tourette Syndrome as a defense for murder, and Tourette Syndrome.

The last type of post you may see in this blog are some poems or short stories that I have written and just want to throw out there.  They can be found under the topic Mind Flurries.  Lastly you may see some posts that fall into none of these categories and are just plain old fun.

If you need to have a private discussion you can email me at:  Snowdrifts@live.com