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If you have been following my blog, I am telling you a little bit about myself, my husband, my marriage and my son.  I have had an interesting life and I thought I would share a slice of it.  If you want to start from the beginning please read my post called Another story begins . . . 

Seeing our business fall apart before our eyes, my husband and I talked.  We worked hard but it was not enough to save the business.  I contacted an attorney to see what we needed to do.  Based on his recommendation, we laid off all of the employees, including my father and both of my brother-in-laws.  We locked the doors of the plant.  It was done.  And then I worked with the attorney to file for bankruptcy.  While this was happening my father and both of my brother-in-laws had found jobs, which was a big relief for me.  They took the whole situation pretty well and were fully supportive. 

While we were shutting down the processing plant and taking care of legal matters, I received a phone call from a Vice President at the company I had worked at when I was consulting.  She had a six month project and they needed someone with application testing experience and business analysis experience.  It was an all expense paid contract, including housing, food, and transportation.  Plus it was a great hourly rate.  My husband and I talked about the job and we had two issues.  First, there was a risk of the job only lasting six months, but six months was better than nothing.  We decided there was nothing to lose. 

We would have to move to another state, which brought us to the second issue.  I did not have enough money even to get us relocated.  We decided we wouldn’t close down our current apartment, which would reduce relocation costs.  The rate of pay for the contract would cover the rent charges, and since it was only a six month contract job, we had a place to come back to when the contract was done.  We also decided that we would take only what was necessary and what would fit in our car.  Even with this plan, I did not have enough money, for gas and food, to travel to Ohio.  So, I had to take a chance and I decided to contact the VP.  I told her a little bit about the circumstances and asked her if it would be possible to get a small advance so that we could relocate.  Luckily, I had been a good worker when I was working for them before.  Surprisingly, she didn’t bat an eyelash and said sure she could get me an advance.

Wow, miracles were really falling into place for us.  We were at the point of almost being destitute, and now I had a consulting job that was going to have a pretty good paycheck tied to it.  Yes, we had to move, but I think we needed to get a change in environment to rejuvenate ourselves.  It is really depressing to have a business fail and it hacks at your self-esteem.  I kept going over and over in my head trying to determine what we could have done to prevent this crisis from happening.  The only thing I could come up with is that you have to be very, very careful who you partner with, and if possible don’t even involve a partner.  Now that isn’t an easy situation to achieve.  Sometimes you need a partner to inject money into a business to get it running and obviously we didn’t have that kind of money.

Soon the advance money was sent to us.  We packed up our car with our necessities, which was mainly clothing and baby stuff.  We had a big good-bye with the family, and off we went.  We were headed for another adventure.

. . . to be continued


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