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The other day, I was in the cafeteria at my job.  I have been on a big salad and fruit kick, and I noticed they had some apples that I did not typically see in the cafeteria or the grocery store.  So I bought one, anticipating I may want an afternoon snack. 

Through the remainder of the day I was in several teleconferences and by the time the third one rolled around, I was falling asleep from the monotony.  So I put my phone on mute and took a bite of the apple.  Instantly I had an incredible memory rush.  It felt like I was in a scene from the show Heroes when Hiro Nacamura switched time or Sylar moved in fast motion.  There was this flash of movement, leaving an ethereal light stream behind them.  I can’t say it was a visual thing, but I could see the rush.

The first picture I saw in my mind was one of the apple trees that was on the firm where I grew up.  I could taste the apple.  It was the same taste as the applies from that tree.  But it wasn’t only the taste I felt.   I actually felt like I was on the farm eating an apple from that tree.  Yes I could taste the apple, but even the scene was different from my actual location.  The lighting in my mind was bright sunshine, and I could feel the heat of it on my skin.  I could also feel a light breeze, which made the leaves on the tree rustle.  I could smell fresh-cut hay.  It was the smell of green and sunshine together.  The sky was bright robin egg blue with huge pillowy clouds.  I could feel that it was early fall or late summer.  Harvesting time.  I could hear the harvesting machinery.  I also could feel that I was barefoot, and the rough black top was hot under my feet, along with the feeling of sand crystals that were on the surface of the black top road.  The apple tree was beside the lane that went to the house.  I had ridden my bike many times on that road.   There was so many things my sister and I did on that road.  We played hopscotch, two square and jumped rope.  I also saw our white house with the flag pole.  It reminded me of my bedroom which was decorated with bright orange.  I saw the garage which was a place that we liked to adventure.  We really didn’t put cars in it.  Instead we built things with wood, or worked on the machinery.  I could also see the barn.  The barn doors were open.  It must be feeding time because I can hear the cows. It wouldn’t be long and it would be milking time.   

The whole scene made me feel very happy and warm inside.  It was a good memory, from a time when I was pleasantly happy with life.  A time for blissful happiness and no drenching sorrow.  A time for family.  A time of peace.  What a wonderful apple.  Sometimes when your life is encased in stress and anxiety, it is good to remember that life can be good.