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Considering what I have been describing in my recent posts, a situation that has been in the news in the last year comes to mind.  Yes, I am talking about the Octomom.  Many of you may be sick of hearing about it, but I just have to say my two cents worth.

I really can’t find anything good to say about the whole situation except,  any child brought into life is a cherished moment, and the children of the world are really gifts to all of us.  But .  (Dramatic pause) You know there had to be a but here.  But what kind of life will these innocent children have? 

I first of all believe the doctor who was involved was totally irresponsible,  and he should have his medical license revoked.  He was careless.  He implanted 12 embryos into Suleman. We should have the confidence that he can no longer repeat this type of situation.  In addition he should be forced to help support what he created, which was eight innocent children.  I believe he should support the children to give them the best life possible considering the circumstance and  especially since he played the role of  “master chef.”  He doesn’t deserve the title of doctor any more.  I also believe the doctor’s main motive for this whole situation was “show boating.”  In his sick little mind he assumed this situation would be regarded as something that is remarkable and become a notorious event.  Notoriety would then mean more publicity, which in turn means more patients, wich means more money in his pocket.  Vanity and greed are close companions  What a disease.

Now we come to the Octomom herself.  I really don’t understand her motive other than the same motivation as the doctor.  Eight babies bring notoriety, which brings new opportunities.  The new opportunities then evolve into more money in her pocket.  She definitely was not in the circumstance of being desperately wanting a child.  She already had children.  I also think we need to stop using the reference of “Octomom,” because it is just adding to her notoriety.  Instead use her name, Nadya Suleman, and she will soon be forgotten. 

I really don’t have any sympathy for her.  In fact I am somewhat enraged about her.  She has created a hopeless situation for those eight children.  Let’s also stop referring to the children as “the eight children” or the octuplets.  Their names are:  Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariya, Makai, Josiah, Jeremiah and Jonah.   Their lives will be affected forever.  And then on top of it all,  there are Joaquin, Diego, Wesley, Willow, Aria and Caleb who are the six siblings of Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariya, Makai, Josiah, Jeremiah and Jonah whose lives will also be heavily impacted by these circumstances.

Did she have a plan?  Sure.  How much money have the tax payers contributed to paying the expenses of this family? How much donations and assistance from volunteers did she use that could have been used by others that are in need.  And then there are the appearance on TV, product endorsements and who knows what else.  It really makes me angry.  But.  ( no dramatic pause) Didn’t expect that one.  Did you?  The children are here.  They don’t deserve the situation they are in as a result of decisions that were made by an irresponsible doctor and a sick woman.  I truly wish there was a way that the Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariya, Makai, Josiah, Jeremiah, Jonah, Joaquin, Diego, Wesley, Willow, Aria and Caleb could be helped without helping Suleman.  That would be the best punishment for this woman (formerly known as  Octomom).