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The drone of the motor of the car
Permeates throughout the interior of the car.
Never ending. The dull hum vibrates against my ears.
Amidst the drone one can hear the faint sound of a siren.
In traffic a car horn blasts.
A semi passes and its tires roar.
A loud muffler rumbles as another car passes.
This everlasting noise needs to stop, because I can’t hear the voices in my head.

In the office sitting in a cube, tightly contained in a row.
Two phone conversations going on at the same time,
One in front of me and one behind.
Every word said is heard.
Just outside an office a congregation of three
discuss the latest meeting subject.
A co-worker loudly asks a question over the top of the cubes to another person.
All the conversations need to stop because I can’t hear the voices in my head

Sitting in the doctor’s waiting room
Hearing the muffled conversation of other patients.
A baby cries for its mother.
An older woman loudly talks
To an older gentlemen with a hearing problem.
A voice comes over a loud-speaker
Asking for a doctor to come to a treatment room.
A nurse enters the room,
Calling a patient’s name for his appointment
All the talking needs to stop because I can’t hear the voices in my head.

A catchy sound effect tune comes from the TV.
My son is playing an addictive video game.
Co-players from the internet
Chat about the current game in progress.
Next to my son is his lap top
Playing the latest video from some female singing pop star.
Across the hall the muffled sound cartoons
From a left on TV playing in my son’s room.
All of the noises need to stop because I can’t hear the voices in my head

Sitting in the cafeteria at a table.
Monotonous conversations float across the room.
A grill chef calls out an order
While another customer requests some food.
A server from the sandwich deli
Calls out to another server for more wheat bread.
The cashier chatters,
Making small talk while patrons pay for the food.
The noises need to stop because I can’t hear the voices in my head.

The noises never stop
No matter where one goes, the noises prevail.
The noises need to stop.
I can’t hear the voices in my head.

The journey began . . .
Emergency rooms
Ohio Children’s Hospital
Daily Multiple Seizures
Benign Rolandic Epilepsy
Blood Tests
Short term EEG’s
Long term video EEG’s
Change in medication
Begging to go home
Daily Multiple Seizures
Cleveland Clinic
Another long-term video EEG
More tears
And more research
Another change in medication
Daily Multiple Seizures
And more tears
This diagnosis
Daily Multiple Seizures
Another change in medication
And this diagnosis
Another change in medication
Specialist for movement disorders
Another long-term video EEG
More Medications
Side effects
Daily Multiple Seizures
Left Frontal Lobe Epilepsy
Fencing stance
Jacksonian marching seizures
And even more tears
Daily Multiple Seizures
Mayo Clinic
Another short-term EEG
More medications
Eye blinking speed test
Involuntary movements
Learning Disabilities
This neurologist
And then that neurologist
St. Paul Children’s Hospital
Daily Multiple Seizures
And more medications
Epilepsy Center
Several short-term EEG’s
Daily Multiple Seizures
Several long-term video EEG’s
Myoclonic epilepsy
And more medications
Cluster Seizures
And more combinations of medications
Non Epileptic Seizures
Still researching
And the journey continues . . .

March is the Epilepsy Foundation’s Walk for Epilepsy.  Come join us.

National Walk for Epilepsy



Sunday, March 27, 2011 – National Mall, Washington, DC

The 5th annual National Walk for Epilepsy® is a family oriented, non-competitive walk that winds around the monuments and museums on the National Mall.   The purpose of the Walk is to raise awareness of epilepsy; increase funds for much-needed programs for people with the condition; and help in the search for cures. Over the last four years, the Walk has engaged more than 25,000 participants and raised over $4 million. Please join us on the National Mall in Washington, DC on Sunday March 27, 2011 and enjoy a morning full of activities for the entire family.

This is a repeated post from November and I am reposting it since March is a special time.

Cold and airy we slowly form
One, two, three or more and now a storm

The wind whips through the air
Upward, downward without a care

Whirling, twirling as if confused
The delicate design is now abused

But with the strength of mighty steel
Crystal angles tightly spin in the reel

All around the air is blurred
Now the force be not deterred

Spiraling downward we do go
Into a storm we build and grow

The flakes of snow all around
Slowly flow to the ground

A forceful blizzard we may be
But wondrous too you must agree

Let the snow be white . . .

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Mind Flurries
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The weather these days turns me blue

It’s true the temperature is headed up

The snow on the ground is no longer new

The cold winter has taken this time to letup

We are now left with snow banks melting down

No longer my favorite, all crisp and white

Instead I face the contaminated brown

I know this change in snow is its plight

But why not leave it white until the end

The time of spring can come another day

It’s true with this warm up the snow can not contend

And now the snow, away it goes, I sadly say

Window panes . . .

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Mind Flurries
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A window pane divides that which is within from that which is without

The duty it serves is accomplished throughout

Cold, smooth, such a sleek impediment

A barrier to each side and between there be no sediment 

As separate worlds has been my achievement

With assurance  the divide has been my agreement

How could that which is transparent and fragile

Keep apart the worlds for me to be agile

Chosen by me, the inside world remains constricted

From the outside that which is not afflicted

A day has come and before my eyes the pane does shatter

The shards of glass within and without do scatter

Worlds together not meant to be

The divide is what did keep me free

Spilling that which was inside

Without consent I no longer can hide

Fear  in my head does arise

And out of control before my eyes

Two worlds not meant to be together

Till now a surety that  they would not untether

The fear of that which is known

It is now the time for me to atone